RQL's Blog 菜鸟成长记


Based entirely on my personal understanding 完全根据我个人理解

He is responsible, serious, and dedicated 他做事负责、认真、专注

Seems doable 看起来可行

to a lesser extent 在较小程度上

after you 你先请

in its own right 凭借自身能力,独立地

Use your own discretion. 使用你自己的判断力,不要老是问我该做什么事
I leave it to your discretion. 我让你来决定吧

a lesser-known phenomenon 一个鲜为人知的现象
Let’s dig a little deeper 让我们再深入一点

by the way 顺便说一下

There’s no point in being quantitatively right if you’re qualitatively wrong.如果你在性质上就是错误的,那么在数量上是正确的就没有意义了。